cctvIGD installed Surveillance and Access Control Systems, for many non-profit organizations, and provided Security Solutions to over 60% of the schools in NYC that received Homeland Security grants (HSNY).

IGD is approved to perform assessments used in applications for Homeland Security grants. All of our clients who applied in 2005-2006, received funding.

Managers, administrators and security personnel don’t need to worry no more, now they have the ability to see what is going on, from any web access or wireless hotspot. and Remote monitoring is also available.

Columbine and other school attacks have proven a need for Video Surveillance.

With our DVR surveillance systems, you can view cameras from any internet connection, even wireless!

Security staff, and police can see what is going on from a parking lot, or dispatch office, simultaneously.

Our Surveillance Data Center lets you monitor crucial cameras from anywhere in the world.

Video data, is streamed through our network, and with dedicated storage available, recorded events can be viewed, wherever and whenever needed.

Most of our installations pay for themselves, in less than a year.

Let us show you how to lower costs, reduce liability, improve productivity and increase safety.

Set up a free assessment of your security needs, today.